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Kari loves taking on challenges and working with people. With her diverse experience in healthcare, manufacturing, ISO standards, and non-profit, Kari helps deliver innovative customer solutions.


Paul's business, IT, and consulting experience along with his innovative mindset, makes him the driving force for delivering results. He loves keeping his hands full participating in the development of new solutions, customer strategies, and delivering results. 


With his manufacturing acumen and data know how, Travis is always ready to go. He is determined to drive success and help customers easily understand the numbers as he leads them to the next level. 


Did you say "Technology?" Tristan loves technology and watch what he does with it.  His focus is solving technical challenges and delivering outstanding solutions.


Mike has over 25 years of retail and manufacturing experience.  Don't tell Mike, but he loves delivering the most difficult technology challenges. Mike does an amazing job!


Lindsay has been doing bookkeeping and accounting for over 16 years. Yes, she’s a self-described numbers nerd, loves challenges, and working through complicated issues to find solutions. 


Jacob is a thinker and is always finding new opportunities to leverage the Odoo framework. Nothing gets by Jacob without testing.  He is a valuable member of the QOC team.


Did you say "Passion?" Charlie is passionate about manufacturing and how MRP, BOM's, Routes, and how Odoo can change your operation.  Charlie brings many years of manufacturing experience to the team.


Martin is a front end developer who specializes in app development. His experience working for several different companies makes him a great asset to our team.


Jonathan specializes in Artificial Intelligence development and is passionate about Deep Learning.


Jessica has a love for creating operational efficiency. Her background enables her to bridge the gap between technical teams and business objectives, ensuring seamless communication and execution.


Wolfgang has been a business consultant for 25+ years and has helped many small and large organizations with their Odoo implementations since 2017.


John brings nearly 30 years of food processing, engineering, project leadership & management experience to QOC's clients. John loves driving big projects to exceptional conclusions, as well as the teamwork it takes to make them succeed.

Trevor O

Trevor has been working in IT for over 10 years. He started working with computers, servers and networks, and now serves as an IT Specialist for the military where he currently works with satellite communications. He specializes in Reporting, Data Integration and Customization with Odoo as well as running the Helpdesk.


Ankit is a Senior Odoo Developer with over 7 years of experience in Odoo customization and development, as well as migration and integration of third-party apps. 


As technical manufacturing consultant, Jon specializes in precision tuning machines from Lasers to 3D Printers. His passion for detail is driven by his desire to help clients become more efficient, and generate meaningful business results. 


Scott is a seasoned leader who works in sales, marketing, and public speaking. Scott consistently demonstrates his ability to inspire teams, drive revenue growth, and craft compelling marketing strategies.


Grant specializes in ERP Implementations and project management. He is our expert in custom manufacturing (cabinetry, stone countertops, etc.) and in his free time runs a brewery using Odoo.


Maggie is a skilled organizer and leader who helps keep all of us on task. As she is learning Odoo, she manages communications between our company and Odoo as well as facilitating both marketing and sales.


Rock has been working in IT for 10 years and made the switch over to software engineering almost 7 years ago. He enjoys machine learning and AI and like to build projects in his spare time. 


Guy has been working in manufacturing ERP systems for many years. His focus is on helping businesses with old systems transition to Odoo to improve their efficiencies.


Hardik is a Senior Odoo Developer with over 7 years of experience in modules like sales, purchase, inventory and CRM, and is proficient in customization, migration and integration of modules.


Mason's background in business and information systems makes him an excellent business consultant. He is heavily involved in our complex manufacturing implementations.


Xan is a talented developer whose focus is on helping manufacturers adapt Odoo to their unique processes and procedures.


Zack is an intern who excels in learning Odoo. He specializes in process mapping and manufacturing within Odoo.  


Shelley is a seasoned HR professional specializing in helping businesses ensure the people are taken care of and the business has the right resources to drive results.


Alexis is a talented business consultant who works closely with our manufacturing team to help our customer's business be as efficient as possible.

Trevor J

Trevor's extensive experience as a CPA for manufacturers and other businesses alike makes him a valuable asset to our team. His desire for innovation helps customers to succeed.

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