Set Up to Data Insights in Under 30 Minutes

simple. cost effective. productive.

With the fastest set up on the market, QOC hive is able to populate large amounts of data with a small price tag and speedy installation. Simply connect the device, scan and access your data.

QOC hive is complete with revolutionary AI to help you to understand exactly how to optimize your shop floor, all within a tiny box.

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 Unpack the QOC hive 


Scan the QR code


Connect to the system and appropriate sensors


Collect and easily access data as it is stored in real time

Predict Problems

Understand where problems will arise before they do

Increase Efficiency

Analyze where time is lost in your workflow

Provide Vision

See exactly what's happening on your floor 

Enhance Operations

Easily identify places of improvement

Built within a small box designed to be on the shop floor, the QOC hive captures live shop floor data using a variety of inputs and populates it directly to your dashboard. Our powerful product can be integrated with your current ERP system or it can function independently, making it a tool for a business of any size. 

Absolutely not! The QOC hive has hundreds of different applications and we firmly believe that data is the most important tool for any business. If you believe the QOC hive could be implemented, it can. Contact us and we will help figure it out.

What is the difference between QOC node and QOC hive?

The node is an interactive screen that allows for data input in real time (MES), inventory transactions/shipping and simplified machine automation. It's designed to be user friendly to allow anyone to program the node and implement it into their ERP system. In contrast, the QOC hive is a small box that collects sensor data and populates it to your dashboard. It is simple to set up and requires no programming. 

the power of the data

We know you are a busy bee, so here is a look at an easy to use data dashboard.

No programming needed, data simply at your fingertips.

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